Intelligent USB Heated Pants

Name: Intelligent Two-color heated Pants

Heating area: 4 heating areas

Fabric: striped thread cloth

Composition: 90% polyester and 10% spandex

Size: L: double-sided wearing; black and gray (about 40-60 kg); 3XL: gray, plush single-sided wearing;  (about 55-85 kg)

Color: black and gray

Application: indoor, skiing, fishing, travel, camping, cycling, work and winter sports

  • Large Heating Area: The carbon fiber filament far-infrared heating with a large heating area. The 4 pieces of heating area for abdomen, knee and waist. The abdominal warmth can effectively resist the
  • Carbon Fiber Filaments: The heating through carbon fiber filaments can up to 70°C in 30 seconds.
  • Three-speed Temperature Control: The heated pants have intelligent temperature adjustment. The red light is high temperature 70°C, blue light is medium temperature 60 ° C and the green light is const
  • Striped Thread Fabric: The fabric is environment friendly and does not fade. The elastic feel is comfortable. The two colors can be worn on both sides. It can be worn on the front and back. It can be
  • Washing Note: No fear of washing, remove the battery, the power interface is insulated and waterproof, it can be washed and machine washable, and it is recommended to use the laundry bag when washing.

USB Shoes

100% New and High Quality.Material: Knit fabric top & Non-skid rubber sole

You can connect a USB cable from the computer,you can also use mobile phones and other chargers, mobile power can also be used. 

LIGHT MODES:1 red(steady) 2 green(st’) 3 blue(st’) 4 yellow(st’) 5 skyblue(st’) 6 purple(st’) 7 white(st’) 8-11 Light flash 12 light off

These Light-up LED shoes are perfect for the club, a rave party, or just a night out on the town.

NOTE: Please do not use it as running shoes and all other strong sports. Or else it will make damage to the light system. And the shoes won’t light up again.

Each shoe has a heat-generating chip that requires 2 USB ports or a USB adapter for obtain maximum heat.
Shoes are one size, pink shoes fit (35-39 size / 22-25cm), gray shoes fit (39-43 size/25-26.5cm)
It is a great gift: send to lover, send to parents, send to child, and this winter is no longer cold.
Note: There is a zipper between the shoes and the sole to place the heating chip. When cleaning, open it and take the chip out. It can be washed by hand or machine. When using it again, make sure the shoes are dry.
USB 5V carbon fiber heating element, infrared heating. Plug in the USB port to heat up. It becomes warm, not heat.


1.Size(approx): pink (35-39 size / 13.7-15.3in) gray (39-43 size / 15.3-16.9in)

2.Weight: about 250g

3.Material: fluff

4.Product selling point: beautiful, warm

5.Color: pink gray